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I believe riding is a philosophy 

Through years of first hand experience, I've come to deeply believe horses adopt the attitude -- physically and mentally, of the leader they respect.

With what you'll learn here, you'll become the leader they respect and the rider they want on their back.

As well as riding, you'll learn about communicating with the horse on the ground through body language, round pen, lounging, and long lining.  

The components of this are both physical and non-physical. And the approaches used here incorporate various modes of learning to facilitate ease in riding both mentally and physically. The riding lessons use methods from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrias, Ortho-bionomy, and other body awareness modalities to facilitate the greatest level of physical ease and coordination.

"1-hour" Riding Lessons

The lessons have four components:

  • We begin with theory, ground work, and/or body work.
    First we'll cover the concepts so you know what we're aiming for.
    Then we'll cover how to implement them in your own body, before you get on the horse.
    If you're in need of Ortho-bionomy, this is when we'll do that.
  • From the ground we move to mutual warm up of the rider and the horse.
  • During the 'work' phase there will be up to three concepts we will work with.
  • The wrap up includes cooling down and any clarification. For experienced riders, this can be done after the lesson.

If you're new to Centered Riding®, we'll begin with a "2-hour" lesson.  The first half we'll cover basics on the ground and the second half you'll explore the basics while riding a horse.

If you're riding my school horse only, I'll recommend a regular lesson weekly.  When you are proficient enough, along with the regular lessons, you can also lease a horse to practice.

If you're riding your own horse regularly, we may find that a double lesson once a month is good 'nuf to meet up and review topics.

If you're interested, leave me a message at 512-869-7903. Pricing

Online Options for "Riding Lessons"

with or without a horse!

Through a series of 30min online sessions you'll receive coaching on the Centered Riding basics -- how to adopt soft eyes, deepen the breath, return to center, and align building blocks.   Coaching will also include tips on turning, transitions, light seat, and much more.  Anything that can be done while mounted can explored and refined in the unmounted on-line coaching sessions.  

Along with the physical aspects of riding, I'll share with you how to communicate with your subconscious so you  can create your own inner feedback loops to develop sensitivity and self-coaching.  

With an extra phone or tablet, these sessions can also move into the riding arena where you can get immediate feedback while you're riding! If you've got a friend with a phone, I can coach you in real time while you're riding and they're videoing.  Or I can comment as I watch the video later.

To book, leave a message at: 512-869-7903

On-line lessons are 30min or 60min. Pricing


More Coming again soon!

I offer weekend Open Centered Riding clinics, half day clinics, and 'classes.'    

If you'd like a personal clinic combined with local shopping and sightseeing, my recommendation is to do double lessons each day for four days.

If you're interested, leave me a message at 512-869-7903. Pricing

Horseless Classes


Make learning easy! Simply bring yourself -- your partner will be another person! This allows you to get verbal feedback from your 'mount!' It's both fun and illuminating. These will also be deep dives into the topics covered, affording the serious equestrian with first hand knowledge of why we do what we do. If you've had questions about something that's been eluding you for a long time, these clinics might be just the ticket for figuring it out and giving you the tools to take your riding to the next level.

These classes run about 2 hours and are $20. Attendance in these classes will give you a discount on the next single Open Centered Riding Clinic you attend with me. ie discounts are 1-time, not continual in perpetuity, with me.

Please RSVP 1 week beforehand!


Date and Time



Sep 3, 8-10a

Balancing the Head
This is the key to everything. Once you understand and can regularly tap into this, you will access your own inner teacher and be able to self-correct. This allows you to connect with your body's inherent knowledge of how to move and how to move well with a horse. This helps with mentally active horses, too.


Sep 10, 8-10a

Balancing the Rib Cage
This deepens your seat, quiets your hands, and allows you to hear your horse better. Often it will help reduce upper back pain and settle scared horses.


Sep 17, 8-10a

Balancing the Pelvis
This taps into your leadership qualities giving your the ability to stop, start, steer, transition, and bend your horse. This is the first step in all of that -- being able to balance your pelvis. How much of these we get to cover will depend upon the group.


Sep 24, 8-10a

Balancing the Torso
This connects the dots from the first three clinics, allowing you freedom in the saddle, so that you can use your arms and legs independently. It also becomes the foundation for 'half halts' which ask the horse, without interference, to organize itself.


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