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Satori Stables is at 100 CR 166, in Georgetown, TX.
It's less than 3 miles from the SU campus, and about 10 mi north of Austin.
On CR 166, it's the first house on the right.  More complete driving directions are below.

Please Do Call for an appointment! 512.869.7903 or EMAIL to see the barn.  We're around but not always available.  No guest doggies, please, without prior clearance. 

For Parking:
If you're coming without a trailer, you can park on the ROW, on the grass parallel to the fence, across from the neighbors driveway, before the mail box.   Get all the way out of the road and totally on the grass.  Do not stay sort of on the road and next to the driveway; there are 4 foot ditches there.  You can straddle the ditches, but I wouldn't recommend dropping the right side or the back end of your vehicle into them!

If you do park inside, please pull forward until you get to the Mimosa tree, rather than parking in the middle of the driveway. park in the lane that leads to the barn, or even next to the tack room, as long as you stay on the caliche.

If you have a trailer, it's best to pull it up to the mimosa tree, which will require backing it up a few feet when you leave, or you can pull towards the house sidewalk and back towards the mimosa.  (If there's nothing in the drive, you can pull through, but right now we have a trailer there...)


See you soon! 

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  • If you're coming north on I-35 from the south, exit 257 is the first exit, but if you miss it, you can take exit 259 or exit 260:
    • To take Exit 257, get to the right as soon as you see IKEA; maybe as soon as you see the Harley Davidson.  Exit 257 starts under CR 114 / E. Chandler and puts you onto the service road at the Outlet Mall. From the service road, turn right onto Westinghouse, between the car dealers, and head east for two miles or so.  Be careful of cars darting out from the mall and across all lanes to get into the far left lane.
       At the light, you will turn left onto FM 1460 at the Stop sign, and go .9 mile to CR 166.
    • To take Exit 259, it is right after the underpass for Westinghouse.  You will stay on the service road for about 2 miles and turn right onto Inner Loop, then right again onto FM 1460, and go 1 mile to CR 166.  It's a big U turn but also all right turns.
    • If you miss Exit 259, get off at 260.  Turn right and this will turn into FM1460 after the first light.  Go about 3 miles, through the intersection for Inner Loop, and turn right again onto CR 166.
  • If you're coming north on 130 from the south, the first exit is for Chandler, the 2nd for University, the last is I35.
    • After getting off at Chandler, turn left/west and go 3 1/2 - 4 miles to FM 1460.  Turn right on FM1460 and go just under 2 mile.  CR 166 will be on your left.
    • After getting off at University, turn left/west and go just a bit and turn left onto Inner Loop.  At the next light turn left onto FM1460.  Go about .9 mile, turn right onto CR 166.
  • If you're coming south on I-35, exit 260 is your exit:
    • It will run parallel to the highway and then T on the service road in front of Inner Space Caverns.  Turn left (this is two way traffic) and go under the highway.  Go straight at the stop sign onto Inner Loop.  Go a mile or so and turn right onto FM1460 at the light.  Go .9 miles up the hill and turn right again onto CR 166.  If you mix exit 260, you next exit is 257.  Turn left to go over the highway.  You can take the service road back 2 miles to Inner Loop or use the directions above for taking exit 257.


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