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Equine Positional ReleaseTM Classes

This is one of the most 'magical' modalities on the planet! It's pain free and I've had folks come back even a year later and say they still feel the benefits. Equine Positional Release works with proprioceptors in the nervous system to re-map where the body is in relationship to itself and its surroundings.

Sessions are 30min or 60min. Pricing Classes in 2024 are set up so you can learn this and use it at home! These classes run about 2 hours and are $20.


Date and Time



Mar 9, Jul 6, Nov 9, 8-10a

Feet & Limbs
This is a simple way to bring proper blood flow into the structures of the feet and improve alignment in the limbs.


Mar 16, Jul 13, Nov 16,

Pelvis & Lumbar
Improve your horse's comfort and carrying capacity.


Mar 23, Jul 20, Nov 23,

Shoulders & Chest
Free up the front end.


Mar 20, Jul 27, Nov 30,

What can I say? It's all good. Often I'll use these techniques in the wrap up but sometimes it's where I start.

Open Houses 

Come check it all out!  You can experience Centered Riding concepts and ground lessons, Ortho-bionomy, Equine Positional Release, Zero Balancing and more.   The weekend Open Houses are 11a - 5p; the weekday Open Houses are 5p - 7p. 

We'll begin with a quick overview of the 4 Basics + Grounding concluding with you expriencing these basics. For OB/EPR I'll demonstrate how to guide hooves into self-correcting themselves and perhaps do quick 1-2 minute (because that's all the time it takes!) OB self-corrections for people of hips, hands, or arms. And then some ZB chair balancing.

Attendees at this talk get $10 coupon for Open Centered Riding Clinics I teach this year. (2023)

Please rsvp via email lynn@satoriconnections.com or a fb invite.

CR Open Clinics  

These are the foundation clinics!  Also a little bit of a tour de force.  You'll be presented with nearly all the basic Centered Riding concepts and given opportunities to learn how to know when you've achieved them.   These are full day clinics.  Topics generally include:

Day 1, part 1 - The Basics, Following Seat, Following Hands
Day 1, part 2 - Steering, Positions left, right

Day 2, part 1 - Comfortable Trotting, Stride Modification
Day 2, part 2 -  Putting it all together - lateral work, personal topics

If you can come Friday night, we generally have a free ride so you and your horse can get used to the property and begin to play with some concepts ahead of time. 
Spots are limited!

If you're interested, email me.. Pricing

Q & A 

Are horses available?   -- It depends!   If you need a horse, I have two horses depending upon weight/ability -- let's discuss.

Does my horse need to know CR?  -- nope!  You'll be learning to speak your horse's language.   They'll love you for it!  

Can I audit?  -- Yes!  Auditors participate fully.

Is Centered Riding easy?  -- It's simple, but not necessarily easy.  Centered Riding does incorporate some of the best techniques for learning and incorporating new skills, though!  So in a way, it's a lot easier and quicker to show positive results than traditional methods.

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