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I believe, given the chance, we will chose better 

Better for ourselves and better for the ones we love.

Because a client's system knows what's best for a client, what the best next step is that can be taken, all of these processes are guided by the client's system. These processes are for regular folks, riders, horses, and other companions.

What's this for?

  • Relationships of any kind -- with yourself, with your horse, with your partner, with your kids, with your boss ...
  • Self-realization -- letting go of self-sabotaging habits and creating healthy ones
  • Achieving goals -- physical, financial, business  
  • Riding -- ability, enjoyment, advancement

These are processes anyone can do for almost anything -- how you ride, how you work, how you love. achieving goals, releasing issues, creating harmony.  They benefit people and horses and dogs.  And cats.  Individuals, groups, herds.  

Which one to use?

If you wish to use a specific process, we'll use that! And if you're unsure, there's a way to determine that by checking with your system.

Resonance Repatterning allows for changes in the field regarding situations to be resolved or goals to be acheived often doing so within four sessions. If you want specific results, is very often delievers specific results. While several of the modalities can be adopted easily, the entire process is a rather involved process requiring a guide.

The process of Core Transformation, in my opinion, is more along the lines of 'all boats rise with the tide.' Sometimes specific situations resolve rather quickly and other times it's more like life just gets better. Incredibly better. Since the entry point is to specific responses to situations, and there may be many responses to a situation, it may take a few sessions. The responses, which can be either undesirable or desirable, are transformed into Core states such as "oneness" "peace","presence" and more.", so when Core states are reached, that in itself is quite lovely. An added benefit is that over time, the process is adopted by the subconscious.

Core Transformation

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"With Core Transformation, some of our most unlikable qualities become the doorway to states of "oneness" "peace", "presence" and more."

What at first seems like an undesirable trait or something we want to just get rid of  turns out to be the key to discovering more joy and flow.  It's like having your own personal treasure map. Core states become more readily available during previously stressful events and during every day life, creating a greater sense of ease and harmony.  It's like transforming bricks into feathers.  Or stumbling blocks into open pathways.  It's the first bread crumb in a trail that leads to an amazing treasure.

And life gets better.

This process has helped with all kinds of scenarios; a quick write up is here or you can visit

Sessions are in 30min increments.  Pricing

Three Benefits You Can Receive from Core Transformation Coaching.

Transform the Problem.

Core Transformation Coaching is a gentle, yet powerful, way to change our feelings, behaviors, and thought patterns that we don’t like. For example, it can change fears, hopelessness, anger, grief, habits, self-criticism, and much more.*

Experience Ongoing Wellbeing.

In addition to transforming problems, Core Transformation also brings a unique gift of greater ongoing wellbeing. We access profound states such as oneness, peace, presence, and joy, and integrate these states increasingly with our daily lives.*

Become Your True Self.

With Core Transformation, it isn’t a matter of struggling with ourselves to make ourselves change. Instead, we access our deeper inner nature, which is always very positive and supportive. This way, change can be easy, gentle, and natural.*

*This paragraph ©2021 Andreas NLP. Used with permission.

Resonance Repatterning®

for people, horses, and dogs

Resonance Repatterning® is an amazing umbrella of approaches that becomes tailor-made to your needs and desires by checking your energy field to find out what to change and how to change it.  Then we do what will change it and verify everything changed.  Easy-peasy.

I was certified in 1997 and have been provided Resonance Repatterning® sessions since then.

Because your system is the gatekeeper of what to change and how to change it, change is generally organic.  If you need to make 'big changes' they will happen in accord with your internal sense of what you need.

For lack of a better description, change is initiated 'in the field' and manifests 'in the field' mentally, emotionally, and/or physically. The exact change cannot be predicted; however, a rule of thumb is all sessions are beneficial and by the fourth session there is usually significant positive change.

For a particular topic, four to eight sessions is average.  And it can also happen that one does the trick!  Or that something is rather involved and may require more sessions.

Sessions are 60min. Pricing

Session series are available for Repatterning Chakras, Repatterning the 5-Elements and Meridians, Repatterning with Family Constellations, Repatterning the Drama Triangle, Repatterning Developmental Milestones, Repatterning Spiral Dynamics, Repatterning Enneagram Types, Repatterning Astrological charts (natal, transit, and progressed), Repatterning in conjunction with Luescher results, and Repatterning in conjunction with Tarot readings.  (to name a few!)


for people, horses, and dogs

I believe we are shimmering waves of light and energy, ever evolving into our own best selves.  I also believe that we can modulate the frequencies of those waves and that our lives will change as a result.

I've come to feel Reiki is like the fabric we're made of, and channeling Reiki fuels our process of living better.  

You've got something you don't want?  Reiki is like the 'cosmic solvent' that dissolves whatever is sitting in your field that isn't helpful, returning it to 'source' and filling you with 'source'.  And if you've got something you want more of, Reiki is like the 'cosmic creative' that energizes the creation of new and better aspects of your being.

Sessions are very 'right brained.'  Sometimes I see, hear, or sense things which I will share.  Sometimes it's like watching a movie and I will see episodes from your life.  Sometimes it's specific about bones, muscles, organs, or such.  

Very often in a distance session, folks simply fall asleep and wake up new.

Sessions are 30min. Pricing

More ...

for people, horses, and dogs

Have you heard of Psych-K? This is a modality based upon Edu-K. It is a fun, quick little modality and is incorporated into the Resonance Repatterning sessions.

I am currently taking classes in processes developed and taught by the Andreas': Core Transformation, Wholeness Process, and Metaphors of Movement. Pricing

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