I believe the body knows the way. 

As well as traditional approaches of round pen, lunging, long-lining, and balanced riding, I'm the only one in Texas offering Equine Positional ReleaseTM for the horse.

Equine Positional ReleaseTM

This is one of the most 'magical' modalities on the planet! It's pain free and I've had folks come back even a year later and say they still feel the benefits.

Sessions are 30min or 60min. Pricing

I'm also offering a series of classes in 2024 so you can learn this and use it at home! These classes run about 2 hours and are $20.


Date and Time



Mar 9,
Jul 6,
Nov 9,

Feet & Limbs
This is a simple way to bring proper blood flow into the structures of the feet and improve alignment in the limbs.


Mar 16,
Jul 13,
Nov 16,

Pelvis & Lumbar
Improve your horse's comfort and carrying capacity.


Mar 23,
Jul 20,
Nov 23,

Shoulders & Chest
Free up the front end.


Mar 20,
Jul 27,
Nov 30,

What can I say? It's all good. Often I'll use these techniques in the wrap up but sometimes it's where I start.

So, what's it do?!

I've come to expect better.  Deep sighs, twitchy lips, drowsy eyes.   And then they walk off more content.   

Okay -- I also believe in full disclosure.  Y'all know there have also been those who have taken off with a buck and a snort!  And yet even those horses have come back for more.  Why?  'Cuz this works!  

I believe we're assisting the patterns to completion, and when we do that, the patterns complete and release the horse, or you, into better alignment.  Through self-correction.  Through inner knowledge.  So of course the horse feels better!  Moves better.  Wants more.

And, as a perk for your horse, the neurology is taken out of fight flight and learns that it can move into greater comfort.  Improvements continues beyond the session.

As a perk for you, your rides get better and better.  And for even bigger changes, Equine Positional Release works with the riders, too.

As long as I've continued to provide Equine Positional ReleaseTM for horses, and riders, I've seen improvements, some beyond my wildest expectations.  

On the technical side ~

I ask the horse's body or your body what is comfortable and I honor that by holding that position for a minute or so.  This is deeply acknowledging.  Deeply accepting.  And because it is so exquisitely listening, the body usually responds within a minute.  Sometimes maybe two. 

Sometimes the holding becomes dynamic as the horse's physiology and neurology spontaneously begin an unwinding process.  When that happens I'll hold as long as I'm comfortable or until the process completes.

It kind of looks a lot like nothing is happening.  

Which is why when we start there will be an assessment with some walking where I point out everything I notice.  I will briefly point out gait symmetry/asymmetry and the movement through/not though the horse's body.    This includes asymmetries in range of motion, areas where motion should be happening but isn't, and hoof asymmetries.

Then between a lot of the positions I'll also ask for some walking and point out what has changed and how.  As well as confirming something is happening, it allows the horse to process and integrate -- a vital part of the technique.

During the positions I'll share with you everything I notice, what I'm doing, and how I'm doing it.  I'll even explain how you can do it when I'm not around!

Very often I start a session near to the center of gravity -- the forelegs and the sternum, then the neck... the cranial-atlas joint is pretty important, too.  Then, depending I may continue with either the hindlegs or the spine.  

One of the things about Equine Positional-Release is that it's not how many locations you do so much as how well you do them, so it's also entirely possible to do a whole session in one location.  

Generally, though, I will eventually get around to showing you how to mobilize the feet to self-correct and I will also share with you any of the things you can do after I leave.

How'd I find this?! 

some background -- I got into trouble relying on some folks to take care of my horses.  By the time I figured out something was wrong, it was really wrong!  Also about that time I threw out my back.  This is how I found Equine Positional Release and found that there was also a whole branch devoted to horses.

I have became an Associate Member of Ortho-Bionomy®  in 2011 and have taken several classes in Equine Positional Release® and attained a Level I certificate in August 2011. 

Sessions are 30min or 60min. Pricing

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