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I believe the body knows.

Only when I experienced this first hand did I believe it.

My mantra for years now:
"Change can only come about when the corrective instincts of the body are summoned up in such a way that the body does not resist change. Anything beyond this is force, which when applied too much, leads only to rebellion of the self instead of a reunification of the harmonic whole." ~ Arthur Lincoln Pauls.

Which is a mouthful and totally accurate. I chunk it down to: "too much is force." And what's too much? Any whiff of having an agenda.

It's because I saw in spades that only when I allowed a person's body to 'have it's way' did the self-correction instincts kick in and the self-correction took place. I 'knew' this before with the Reiki and Resonance Repatterning and yet, feeling it in someone's body is still way more real. When I have no agenda whatsoever, the body moves into it's own process for realignment.

And adopting a fervent faith in this ability helps even more. For me, this was for sure a case of 'seeing is believing' and, if you're up for it, you can see it, too!

Which one to do when?

Rossiter Stretching Techique is what I'd call one of the heavy hitters.  If you've got PAIN then this could well be the one to start with.  If you've had body misalignment then this could also be the one to start with.  It is seriously intense.  
You can try it out with the sampler and if it's what you're looking for, then a realistic expectation is 4 - 8 sessions to significantly change a particular alignment concern.
Ortho-bionomy® is profound in what it can change through connecting to the proprioceptors.  It has a wide range of applications from pain and misalignment to simply feeling fabulous.  It derives from Osteopathic and Judo principles.  A key component of OB is to always move into comfort, so if you want to skip 'intense,' go for this one!  It is also great for routine self-care.

Zero Balancing® derives from Chiropractic and Eastern concepts and, like Ortho-bionomy®, provides a 'mini spa' experience.  This is great for realignment and for routine self-care.  


Since 2010 or so Ortho-bionomy® has become part of my daily life -- whether in my body or my outlook. This is one of the most magical modalities you'll ever experience. It is entirely about moving into deeper and deeper levels of comfort.

I found this modality through a desperate search of my own.

After losing a battle with a weed, I got to where I couldn't walk.  My husband suggested contacting a orthopedic surgeon, and I actually went to traditional therapy -- which is when I realized things were way off in the weeds!  
I got online and found  this body therapy based on Judo.  Judo!!!  The idea is that you let the person's body lead the way.  I was sold and made an appointment immediately -- and got immediate relief!  (Okay, in Judo, it's kind of leading the way into the ground, but here it's leading the way into greater alignment!)  And it took more than one session, and yet, it worked.  By moving into greater levels of comfort.

Technically, communication is set up with the neurotransmitters in the muscles and tendons which govern tone and through this communication they are reassured they have completed their 'mission' and no longer need to hold on. Usually it's a matter of a minute or two per spot.

Sounds impossible this could work, and yet it does! Which is the hardest part of promoting this modality.

Come try it out ~ and be ready to ask for an extension of your appointment!

Sessions are 30min increments.

Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT)TM

PRRT works with the nervous system's ability to release up regulation in the body.
I've currently taken Levels 1, 2, & 3. (more description to come soon!)

Sessions are 30min increments.

Insight Acupressure®

Insight Acupressure® was originally Soul Lightening Acupressure, and developed by Dr. Aminah Raheem as a heart-centered method for enhancing whole-being health and consciousness. Her primary focus was to empower people to identify and trust their own individual Soul wisdom. For the Insight Acupressure client, this deep inner resource (not the intuition or mastery of the practitioner) is profoundly accurate, timely, and thorough as a guide through the healing journey. The benefits of working at this level influence the whole being in a completely different way than with the manipulation of qi energy through needles.

Insight Acupressure is a hands-on balancing technique where the practitioner simply holds two acupoints simultaneously at Interface until the pulsing in both points feels the same. The deep healing nature of the client is completely in charge of if, when, and how to utilize the wisdom of the points. The outcome is not intentionally directed or controlled by the practitioner, ever.

Sessions 60min.

Zero Balancing®

Zero Balancing® got its name when a client of Fritz Smith said "It's like I was reset to zero."

Zero Balancing® talks with the bones, releasing patterns of tension and congestion through gentle fulcrums, often transporting folks into 'the zone.'  

You can experience realignment of the physical body as well as the 'mini spa' sensation.  All while keeping on your clothes and avoiding oils and what not.

This modality is a little bit of a sleeper, so I suggest you commit to four weekly sessions to get the full benefit.

Sessions 60min.

Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST)

And now for something entirely different!   The Rossiter Stretching Technique is a dynamic two-person stretching workout that will quickly and effectively release adhesions from the connective tissues in the body. Working with the fascia and the Rossiter Stretching Technique locking mechanism, this extremely intense approach very quickly, in under a minute or two, releases the congestion. 

If you have a lot of pain and/or restriction of movement, this could be just the thing for you.  It is good for things like neck stiffness, headaches, shoulder pain, knots, back pain. plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, tense muscles, and more.

In this two-person pin-and stretch release technique, the client is referred to as 'The Person In Charge.'  (PIC)    

RST  addresses structural pain and restriction of movement at its source: the body’s fascia, ligaments, tendons, collagen, elastin – collectively called connective tissue.   Since it's the tight connective tissue that is the source of stress, immobility, and pain in the body and this technique creates more space in the connective tissue, it is common to have results that are generally instantaneous and profound. Pain relief, increased range of motion, improved circulation and nerve conduction are all typical end results of the RST workouts.

 For a more complete description of Rossiter and its benefits, here's the Rossiter website: https://therossiterstretching.com/about-us/ 

If you're curious, opt for the sampler session.
If you're ready to dive in and commit to 4 sessions, it usually takes only 1 or 2 4-session packages to address a concern.
Once you're sorted, you can do a monthly session or a session here or there for tune up.


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