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Please rsvp before paying! These classes run about 2 hours and are $20.


Sep 3, 8-10a

Balancing the Head
This is the key to everything. Once you understand and can regularly tap into this, you will access your own inner teacher and be able to self-correct. This allows you to connect with your body's inherent knowledge of how to move and how to move well with a horse. This helps with mentally active horses, too.


Sep 10, 8-10a

Balancing the Rib Cage
This deepens your seat, quiets your hands, and allows you to hear your horse better. Often it will help reduce upper back pain and settle scared horses.


Sep 17, 8-10a

Balancing the Pelvis
This taps into your leadership qualities giving your the ability to stop, start, steer, transition, and bend your horse. This is the first step in all of that -- being able to balance your pelvis. How much of these we get to cover will depend upon the group.


Sep 24, 8-10a

Balancing the Torso
This connects the dots from the first three classes, allowing you freedom in the saddle, so that you can use your arms and legs independently. It also becomes the foundation for 'half halts' which ask the horse, without interference, to organize itself.


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