Services & Pricing:

The Riding Program consists of carefully considered, comprehensive lessons, structured for progressive skills development. They incorporate time-tested approaches for developing physcial athleticism, coordination, and flexibility to accomplish classical forms of riding. For those who want to accelerate their proficiency even more, there are complementary body and mind modalities of Ortho-bionomy, Zero Balancing, Core Transformation, Resonance Repattering, and Reiki. These modalities are available for non-riders and horses, too!

As the economy recovers, these rates will be re-evaluated.


In person Centered Riding® Coaching: adults $90/hr, kiddos* $30/30min + travel expenses
Online Centered Riding® Coaching: $45/30 min
Horseless Classes: $20/2 hr (Groundwork for skills improvement)
In person Equine Positional ReleaseTM: $90/hr + travel expenses


In person Equine Positional ReleaseTM: $90/hr + travel expenses
In person training (in hand, under saddle): $90/hr + travel expenses
Biomechanics for Horses: $20/2 hr

Body Stuff

In person Equine Positional ReleaseTM and Ortho-Bionomy®: $90/hr + travel expenses
In person Zero Balancing®: $90/hr + travel expenses
In person Insight Acupressure®: $90/hr + travel expenses
In person Primal Reflex Release Technique®: $90/hr + travel expenses
In person  Rossiter Stretching Technique: $320/4 sessions in a month or $90/session à la carte + travel expenses
In person Rossiter Stretching Technique sampler: $50 for 1-3 techniques a short intro session to see if you like it

Brain Stuff

Distance Core Transformation $150/hr for à la carte sessions ~ or ~ $360 for 4 1-hr sessions in a month
Distance Resonance Repatterning® $150/hr for à la carte sessions ~ or ~ $360 for 4 1-hr sessions in a month
Distance Reiki: $75/30min
Distance Zero Balancing Sessions:  $75/30 min


  * "Kiddos" in this context refers to pre-teens who are beginner riders.
I also offer 'starving artist' rates which are 2/3 of the full price. This would be for students and recently graduated/unemployed folks. Contact me if you consider yourself in this category.

Services    Pricing

I believe it's possible.

If you're willing to develop the ability to pay attention to the results of your actions, you can develop mindfulness, cultivate inner sensitivity, hear your horse - and become a true equestiran.

Are you ready to let go of patterns that sabotage your dreams?
Do you want to tap into your inner authority?
Are you patient enough to cultivate your skills?

Over the years I've taken the deep dive into many approaches to learning and healing and have curated the most effective and efficient processes. If you're ready, it's pretty much a matter of saying YES and starting. Why not begin now?

You know yourself as someone who's always wanted to feel connected with your horse.  To have a shared relationship -- where riding is like dancing.  You desire to move in harmony, with elegance and ease.  And to have a bond built on consistency, trust and reliability.  You believe each of you can depend on the other, can learn from each other, can be confident in the two-way communication. 

This is totally doable. Let me be your interpreter and your translator while you develop your skills.  
Let me open up the world of possibilities for you!

Call me at 512.869.7903 or email to set up lessons in person or 'on-line.'

I 'm eager to hear from you!


In-person, online, or at a distance ~

Centered Riding® Lessons | Workshops | Classes | Clinics | On-line Coaching
                incorporating Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, & Body-Mind-Centering Awareness  
                for the 'mechanics' of how to communicate with your horse
Equine Positional-ReleaseTM   for Riders | Horses
                deeply acknowledging and attending to current patterns allowing for self-correction
                attending to the physical aspects of your body and your horse's body for clearer communication
Reiki Sessions | Classes or Riders | Horses
                connecting to the fabric of the universe
                can address physical and mental-emotional aspects
Ortho-Bionomy® | Zero Balancing | Rossiter  Stretching Technique
                finding comfort and ease in your own body
Resonance Repatterning® | PSYCH-KTM  Sessions or Riders | Horses
                for riding and non-riding activities, quick results and long-term solutions,
                identifying and then shifting patterns in the psyche and physique for greater harmony and coherence

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Hear the Whispers
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