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Horses lend us the wings we lack.

~ Pam Brown


Index of Tidbits

Hi all!

Is it the weather?  It seems I always come back around to this in February!  And now it's 2023.  (yikes!) 

I finished my Zero Balancing Classes and became certified in August of 2020.  Since then I've also taken classes in Rossiter Coaching and became a coach for a little while.  (ie I now know the technique, but you won't find me listed there anymore.)   I am keeping up my Zero Balancing and Ortho-bionomy classes and status.

I finished my three years of yoga-related Body Mind Centering classes in August of 2019.  I continue to use this!  It is a vast approach to bodies and minds.

As always, I still play with incorporating what I learned into my life and my horse relationships.   I continue to explore Alexander, Feldenkrais, Somatics, and the latest in the horse world.   

Going forward, I hope to add in new articles incorporating my new learning along with old golden nuggets.

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Motivation ~ Where can I get some of that?
01/13/22 Channeling Energy for Riding This is what's different about Centered Riding
The Thrill of It ~ Centered Riding is a high bar
'Deep Sea Fishing' ~ Letting the Horse Self Correct
11/07/19 Recap/Overview of Approaches at Satori Stables
Things not to do in Riding
Keep Your Hands Still! (!) Although, it's really your 'seat.'  (But we'll talk about the hands.)
Quick Tip Tuesday: Sitting or Standing?  What are we really doing?
Quick Tip Tuesday: Angled or Straight? Which is better for you?
Quick Tip Tuesday: Ixnay on 'Squeeze the Knees'
Quick Tip Tuesday: Draping the Leg Around the Horse  Bending Legs the Way they Bend
Quick Tip Tuesday: The Skull, Spine, and Sacrum.  It's One Unit
Quick Tip Tuesday: The Legs.  Another Unit
Quick Tip Tuesday: The Arms.  Another Unit
Quick Tip Tuesday: Spirals
Quick Tip Tuesday: If ain't broke, don't fix it!
Mix 'n' Match ~ An example of how various methods combine
Feldenkrais Thoughts: Ease and Willpower
The Crura - Finding Your Core
The 'Blue Ball' Finding Now
Lengthening and Shortening: Concentric and Eccentric Contractions
Lengthening -- what does it feel like?
Lengthening and Shortening: How to connect with Concentric and Eccentric Contractions
Lengthening and Shortening: Some experiential contrasts
The Pelvis as an Extension of the Femur -- Kind of like stilts ...
Setting up the Canter Depart via a Trot Circle
'Holding Birds'
Scooping Ice Cream -- Scooping Your Horse
'Tilt' ~ What happens when there's a long leg?
It's 50/50 ~ Sussing out the Longer Hind Leg
Make it Better! ~ Helping out the Longer Hind Leg
Evening out the Hindend in the Saddle
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