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Note for 2017 - 1018

Surprise! Amazon shut down the a-stores and so all my links went kaplooey!  

They did give a heads up, but I am only now getting around to responding by returning to my original bookstore format of yesteryear! There may be some 'dust' ! Thank you for understanding. 

Books I have Enjoyed!

I have found these books to be most illuminating, provocative, and helpful with my quest for riding well and living well. Some of these books are about how to ride, some are about how to take care of horses, and some are about how to take care of the rider! I hope you enjoy these books, too. And, since I have no idea who visits this portion of satori.com, Thank You Very Much! for the purchases you make here.

(I am finding some of these books hard to get. my apologies!)



These are the general groupings in which you will find books & such: 

Fall Sale

Save the Trees!

And save your shoulder, too!  By enjoying books electronically - 


About Satori Center

Satori Center is about doing things with ease, efficiency, & elegance and guiding you back to yourself in the process!

Satori Center is about honoring your past, releasing what you don't need, recognizing the strengths you have within you, remembering who you are, and letting your potential shine through.  You can focus on yourself only or riding only or horses only or any combination you wish.

Satori Center is about letting go of the hard stuff to find the way that works with ease, efficiency, & elegance.  In all relationships - in life, in riding - how you relate to yourself, how you achieve your aspirations, how you relate to other people, how well you move in life and how well life moves in you, how you relate to other beings.   All of it!

Satori Center is about finding your innate wisdom and tapping into that to real-ize the change you've always dreamed of.

On these pages you will find books & such that will assist your in your journey of Satori!

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