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Modalities for Better Living
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Modalities for Better Living 

Approaches for smoothing out the bumps in life 


A new year, a slightly newer look!  Starting today, 2/22/18, I will be adding new files here and occasionally updating old files to update book links.  

I still intend to put out information on a about the many wonderful modalities I'd learned about. My idea is to share with you some of the incredible ways we each can improve our own health and our own lives and so contribute to the well-being of everyone else through the butterfly effect.

Life is really busy!  So new info and old updates may be a little spotty.  
If you've seen a page by way of fb, drop me a note!  I enjoy conversations and the excitement of discoveries that make life more enjoyable.

So to a new approach!  A little bit now and again.





Reiki Master since 1997
 Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner since 1997



Modalities for Better Living

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