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Modalities for Better Living
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Modalities for Better Living 

Approaches for smoothing out the bumps in life


Once upon a time I had an idea that I would put out information on a weekly basis about one of the many wonderful modalities I'd learned about. My idea was to share with others some of the incredible ways we each can improve our own health and our own lives and so contribute to the well-being of everyone else through the butterfly effect.

And then I got really busy with life!
The weekly thing, not happening so much.

So a new approach!  A little bit now and again.

As I add new write-ups, they'll appear below.  The older write-ups will be ported over eventually!

Also, down below I've put a link to some books and organizations that are central to what I do.





Reiki Master since 1997
 Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner since 1997



Modalities for Better Living

09/01/11 Activating Peripheral Soft-Focus Vision
09/30/11 Vizualizing a Color
10/31/11 C02 Stabilizing Breath
11/03/11 02 Breath
11/06/11 Patterns
11/07/11 Open Heart Gesture
11/03/11 Feminine Breath
11/08/11 Masculaine Breath
11/08/11 Dolphin Breath
11/13/11 Palming
05/21/12 Whole Brain
6/1/13 Focusing: Gentle Conversations with the Self
01/26/14 King of All Breaths
2/15/14 Mantras to Activate the Chakras
02/17/14 NLP: The Essential Guide excerpt #1
03/14/14 Hijacked by Your Brain  excerpt #1
04/02/14  Playing with Kneecaps
07/21/14 Profiling - Damsel in Distress
07/21/14 Profiling - Damsels and Random Actors
07/23/14 NLP: The Essential Guide excerpt #2
07/23/14 NLP: The Essential Guide excerpt #3
07/30/14 The Edge Effect
08/05/14 The Sedona Method
09/30/14 Hijacked by Your Brain #2
04/27/15 The Dorn Method
06/22/15 Infinity 8's
06/22/15 Free Movement
06/30/15 Option B
08/05/15 Balancing the Fire Chakra with "Ram"
09/26/15 The Sedona Method: Riding the Wave of Emotion
10/01/15 Polarity Therapy - The Air Circuit
10/04/15 Zip Ups - Raising Coherence
12/09/15 Love is Pink
04/05/16 Balancing the Fire Chakra with "Ram"
04/13/16 Writing to Heal
05/13/16 Toning
06/12/16 Influences
09/10/16 Balancing the Earth Chakra with "Lam" for Virgo
09/16/16 Balancing the Chakras with Finger Massage
09/24/15 Balancing the Air Chakra with "Yam" for Libra
10/25/16 Empowering Memories
11/30/16 Balancing the Fire Chakra with "Ram"
12/20/16 Balancing the Earth Chakra with "Lam" for Capricorn
01/02/17 Color Filter Lens: Yellow
01/06/17 Language as a Lens for Change
02/09/17 Balancing the Air Chakra with "Yam" for Aquarius
02/09/17 Balancing the Water Chakra with "Vam" for Pisces
02/10/17 Polarity Therapy - The Earth Circuit
02/10/17 Polarity Therapy - The Water Circuit
02/10/17 Polarity Therapy - The Fire Circuit
02/10/17 Polarity Therapy - The Ether Circuit
05/20/17 Balancing the Earth Chakra with "Lam" for Taurus
05/28/17 Balancing the Air Chakra with "Yam" for Aquarius
07/19/17 Polarity Therapy - The Five-Pointed Star
09/25/17 Touch Quote of Deane Juhan



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I love books! These top three books help explain some about Resonance Repatterning and PSYCH-KTM.  I have reviews of and comments about more books with links into Amazon in my original 'Bookstore' as well as a bigger but less verbose Amazon eStore.  Whenever I do online group Resonance Repatterning series, I include books I've referenced in the resources sections for that series.  

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